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Win a Luxury Product Hamper Worth £500

Win a Luxury Product Hamper Worth £500

Win a luxurious Noble Isle product hamper &
two tickets to our London launch party

Update. This competition has now closed and we are pleased to announce that a winner has been chosen. For further details please visit our official Facebook page here.

We’re offering the exciting opportunity to be first to try the Noble Isle collection weeks ahead of our official launch in May 2012. For your chance to try out our high-performing luxury British bath and body products before anyone else, simply follow the instructions below.

For the chance to win, all you need to do is the following:
•    Like us on Facebook by clicking here...

•    Tell your Twitter followers about Noble Isle by clicking here
•    Leave a quick comment on our blog below that references your Twitter name

This competition closes on Saturday 31st March 2012. We will announce the winner 3 days later.
In addition to being the first to try our luxury bath and body products, the winner will also receive two tickets to our exclusive London launch party with champagne reception in May 2012.


17th February 2012 10:29
Website looks cool!  I am sure product will also be. The story about the product is just tempting to own one...soon!

Lisa Matthews

17th February 2012 10:29
Such a great giveaway! Would love to try out your products! My twitter name is @Mybutterfly63

Lisa x


18th February 2012 09:27
Great give away -  my twitter name @kimsly1984

leah gorman

18th February 2012 09:34
following on facebook and liked page :)

Jill Ferguson

18th February 2012 09:37
What a great giveaway. gillysim27

sandra henderson

18th February 2012 09:44
Fantastic giveaway, have liked on facebook and tweeted about the competition too my titter name is @sandigled.

Carol Baker

18th February 2012 09:51
Great Prize thanks :) @CaggieBaker

Emma George

18th February 2012 10:02
ur products look amazing, from @emmathy1


Jennifer Jack

18th February 2012 10:07
wonderful prize am not on twitter my facebook is jenjinty  

Many Thanks

shaun berry

18th February 2012 10:27
great competition:)

Zoe Little

18th February 2012 10:31
Fab giveaway, liked and shared for you xx

Claire Toplis

18th February 2012 10:51
@needaphone OOh yes  tweeting away x

Ness Gorton

18th February 2012 11:05
This looks fantastic. Shared on Twitter @baggiesbabe69

Loretta Greenwood

18th February 2012 11:23
Would love to win anything!!

Hayley Kinnaird

18th February 2012 11:59
What a brilliant competition :) xx


Melanie Gardiner

18th February 2012 12:11
Fab prize!!! tweeting as @dumplingiow

sarah fleck

18th February 2012 12:12
Following on Facebook as Sarah Fleck and Twitter (I think) as Ser :-) x


18th February 2012 12:26
problem on twitter, will try again, wishing u the best of luck  with launch, and thanks for giving fans a chance to try pre launch, fingeras x

Alice Boardman

18th February 2012 12:49
tweeted at @caliben7 and facebook like at Alice Boardman...thanks

sarah north

18th February 2012 13:01
following on fb as Sarah North and on Twitter as Sezzan x

Julie Venner

18th February 2012 13:33
my twitter name is vennerjoolz, thanks for the comp!

Hollie Green

18th February 2012 14:00
My Twitter name is Hollie_Green
Amazing competition, how exciting!! :D
Thank you

carol wilson

18th February 2012 14:13
liked and shared on facebook

karen harvey

18th February 2012 14:14
bath time should always be luxurious, looks like products will be fab, am tweeting  @ kaharvey4 thanks!

Patricia Wrafter

18th February 2012 14:19
Fantastic competition and fantastic prize :)

Lynn Evans

18th February 2012 14:37
We tend to holiday in the UK so I'm loving the 'Britain In a Bottle'! I can now holiday in my own bathroom ;-)

Elinor Bevan

18th February 2012 14:49
folowing and retweeting as @elzmumof3 :)

Ali Thorpe

18th February 2012 14:57
Fabulous prize! I have liked on Facebook and tweeted as @alicomps

Good luck all x

Jo Young

18th February 2012 15:19
What a fantastic giveaway!
I like on Facebook - JoJo Young
I've tweeted - @BoostieBoo

Abbie P

18th February 2012 15:22
Lovely products, thank you for the giveaway, tweeted as abbiepoole

Paul Kay

18th February 2012 17:22
Fab prize. Following and tweeting as @pompeypaul30

Val Twine

18th February 2012 17:24
Great give away -  my twitter name @Valt25

Elaine Mason

18th February 2012 17:53
Brilliant comp, good luck on the launch @elainemason2001

kelly romeo

18th February 2012 19:03
loved liked and shared on fb xx

Marnie Llewelyn

18th February 2012 19:25
I have liked... I have tweeted... and now I am commenting!

Twitter: MarnieRoseVL

Pauline Rendell

18th February 2012 20:39
Hi tweeted @LuckyThing13 - good lick with this!

Jane Brown

18th February 2012 21:54
Would love some indulgence.  Love Twitter peep Belle7268.
Have also liked on facebook.

leila prowting

18th February 2012 22:14
@cleopatrawonder Awesome prize.

veronica still

18th February 2012 23:26
a dream giveaway


19th February 2012 14:28
'Liked', tweeted and now blogging! Looking good I have to say :) @eilish123

Susan Harrison

19th February 2012 16:19
Tweeted @daisyduck123
Shared on facebook too

Claire Louise Jones

19th February 2012 16:30
my twitter name is @clairie_jones


19th February 2012 17:01
gapmunky on twitter.

Adele Knight

19th February 2012 18:08
Great prize,liked on F/B
Tweeted @Sparklyrainbows

Kelly Martin

19th February 2012 19:32
Oh my, heavenly prize. Thank you.

My twitter name is @magichappensxx and my facebook name is Kelly Martin.


19th February 2012 19:36
Wonderful prize, wonderful products. Have tweeted:!/catorama66/status/171317352825237505

Lorraine Partyn

19th February 2012 20:37
Great products! - Following you on Facebook, and following you on twitter (@lorpart) too x

Faridah Brooker

19th February 2012 21:58
Have liked on FB, and tweeted @FlorrieFloyd.

Melanie Edjourian

19th February 2012 22:30
ooooo count me in, tweeting as @MelanieMse

Melanie Edjourian

19th February 2012 22:30
sorry forgot to add following on fb as Melanie Edjourian

Belinda Matthews

19th February 2012 22:54
fantastic giveaway @dillydondallie

Sheetal Ramoutar

19th February 2012 23:16
Fabulous price, liked on Facebook, and tweeted. My twitter name is @treaclesheets!/Treaclesheets

Lya thomas

19th February 2012 23:41
Following and tweeting as @peonies76
Fab prize!

rebecca coddington

20th February 2012 00:13
Gorgeous products, am following on facebook and on twitter I am @beccacod.

paula evans

20th February 2012 01:38
Brilliant giveaway
Liked on FB as Paula Evans
Followed/Tweeted @YeOldeRockChick

darren l

20th February 2012 09:05
RT @dazlufcpresley followed on facebook too (darren longthorne)

Paula Smith

20th February 2012 09:22
Great prize, Liked on facebook and tweeted, @paulalovesmaps

Alana Worthington

20th February 2012 11:31
fab giveaway i dont use twitter but im on facebook , facebook is Alana Worthington going to like n share the facebook status now x

Lucy G

20th February 2012 12:38
Can't wait to sample the new products!

Christina Salila

20th February 2012 12:49
Would love to win my twitter is #tinasalila

Christina Salila

20th February 2012 12:50
Would love to win my twitter is @tinasalila


20th February 2012 18:18
@glennhutton twitter
spike hutton f/b

Caroline Davison

20th February 2012 18:19
I love it! Followed on FB, Twitter and retweeted @cazzzie987

Deborah Jeavons

20th February 2012 18:37
Great competition, have spread the word


20th February 2012 19:01
Hi, have liked, followed and retweeted (@TrishO1), thanks


20th February 2012 19:06
Great Prize. @AlanShearer3

tina santilli

20th February 2012 19:12
I cannot wait to sink into your products!

tina santili nellsmell

Lorraine Johnson

20th February 2012 19:30
Like on Facebook - Lorraine Johnson

Following & tweeted @finleypoppet


20th February 2012 19:32
i wouldlove to win this giveaway
its something shiny and new
sounds absolutely lovely
best wishes and good luck to you

michelle evans

20th February 2012 19:42
Fabulous Giveaway. Liked on facebook and tweeted @Easter65

Siobhan Williams

20th February 2012 20:13
Fantastic competition! @Taz121212

Ian Price

20th February 2012 20:25
Products look superb, love to win this, twitter name is @pricenator


20th February 2012 20:37
great prize - @D_B_Hall

Jamielee Norris

20th February 2012 20:38
I have liked on facebook and tweeted on twitter @Jlnorris2010

Great giveaway - good luck everyone x


20th February 2012 20:44
Great competition thanks for the opportunity - have followed on twitter - look out for me! @Lynseykirkwood


20th February 2012 20:46
Great Prize, I have tweeted @Nomtshovana

FionaLynne Edwards

20th February 2012 21:00
Fabulous giveaway!  My twitter name is @figgygee


20th February 2012 21:01
Lovely competition, have liked on facebook and am following on twitter too, over there I'm @IckiePooh

Lynne OConnor

20th February 2012 21:26
Amazing prize. Tweeted as @spanglisher

Suzanne Cooke

20th February 2012 21:29
fabulous giveaway, @angoraferrets


20th February 2012 21:49
Great prize, @Mia_Thurlow

Lynsey Buchanan

20th February 2012 21:54
following on Facebook Lynsey Buchasnan - Fantastic Competition

claire woods

20th February 2012 21:54
I have done this - @clairew137

James Marshall

20th February 2012 21:56
These brand sounds fantastic, the website look fantastic, i cannot wait to see the products, if I don't win, i'll be buying! Who's with me?

maureen findley

20th February 2012 22:15
great comp.  twitter name @mofind

melanie stirling

20th February 2012 22:22
Wow,that is some giveaway!! I have followed on facebook and tweeted @mellysocks :)

Julie Booth

20th February 2012 22:29
Great prize. I am Julie Booth (tiddles12) on facebook and Flashquacks on twitter.


20th February 2012 22:34
This sounds very intriguing! I´m looking forward to finding out more.


Carolann Turner

20th February 2012 23:34
fab prize tweeted @cally120

Tony Brittain

21st February 2012 00:08
From Hamper to pamper,scent of pauper to that of a king. That's why I indulge my self in Noble Isle thing's

Elaine Blackledge

21st February 2012 01:09
It looks fantastic and I hope it lives up to that :-). Tweeting as @lanieleaf

Barbara Robbins

21st February 2012 01:13
Good luck with the launch! Can't wait to get a sniff of your products xxx


Simone Lee

21st February 2012 08:09
liked shared tweeted @loppys1234 they sound great would love to try good luck to all


21st February 2012 09:19
liked and shared on fb, also tweeting @dancer2712

chris burton

21st February 2012 09:19
great prize chrisburton42

Adrian Crymble

21st February 2012 10:40
Loving the design and layout/colour scheme of this website!!

Beth Bowdler

21st February 2012 10:45
Have done all the steps.  My Twitter name is @bethbowdler


21st February 2012 11:22
tweeted @5122262

Cat G.

21st February 2012 11:37
great giveaway ♥

Jane Willis

21st February 2012 13:10
How gloriously luxurious! My twitter name is @janesgrapevine


21st February 2012 13:13
Lovely giveaway @ali991

Sharon Hingley

21st February 2012 13:13
What a fabulous prize , wonderful products.
Have tweeted @daisybeebee and shared with friends on facebook.

Lisa Rowsell

21st February 2012 13:31
What a fantastic giveaway!


mary chez

21st February 2012 13:34
Nice prize @boo1003


21st February 2012 13:36
Lovely giveaway.  Fan on Facebook, Tweeted @cistolic


21st February 2012 13:52
Thanks for the opportunity.

Sheila Reeves

21st February 2012 14:04
Love a luxurious bathing experience! Look forward to seeing the products! Have Tweeted as @compcake

Jo Bryan

21st February 2012 14:14
Amazing opportunity, thanks for the chance, I tweeted as @Jo_Bryan

Fiona Martin

21st February 2012 14:42
Wow! Site looks great - Love a luxury bath after a hard day looking after my 2 little ones.


Ruth Tesdale

21st February 2012 15:40
I would love the chance to truy your new products and tell all my friends about them twitter id @RuthMarianna

Sharon Wallis

21st February 2012 17:01
Fabulous giveaway competition! Tweeting as @_sharonwallis_

steph eddleston

21st February 2012 17:12
spagettihetti just loves all the lovely things and what a fab prize for a lucky bunny just in time for Easter!


21st February 2012 19:33
Lovely prize

Angela Sandhu

21st February 2012 20:13
lovely stuff @angiesandhu

Jenny Price

22nd February 2012 00:12
Nice giveaway - could do with a bit of luxury @jennyp19


22nd February 2012 00:31
thank you for a great competition @nataliemay29

beverley williams

22nd February 2012 07:55


22nd February 2012 08:10
Wobderful give away!
Tweeting @csb64

Rebecca John

22nd February 2012 11:10
Fab prize
Twitter Name - @becky0020

Suzanne Goodwin

22nd February 2012 14:03
Liked on facebook and tweeted @lucentegirl

Sounds fabulous!

annmarie murphy

22nd February 2012 21:42
done .. my twitter name is @Annsmurf

Nikki Webber

22nd February 2012 22:28
Amazing giveaway - i'd love to try your products - im @NakkiNoo83


22nd February 2012 22:46
Thanks for a great competition :)
Liked on Faceboook, Followed & Tweeted as @TillyLander too

Good luck with the launch xx

Tracey Berry

23rd February 2012 13:17
mmmmm thinking about the hamper contents has got my senses buzzing mmmmm u can almost smell it LOL  @bezzzzza Followed n RTd xx

S barry

23rd February 2012 15:46
Great giveaway for rt competition thank you @Sheryn73

rebeca gil alonso

23rd February 2012 17:10
i love it!!! @loopysoul

phil murden

23rd February 2012 21:24
Great prize. My twitter name is is @burstlikeabubbl.

Linda Hobbis

23rd February 2012 22:15
Lovely prize.  Tweeting as @lindylulu47

Andrea Jefferson

24th February 2012 06:32
@aj2934 following on twitter and facebook excellent prize and brilliant website

Jane Paddey

24th February 2012 08:36
Can't wait for the final product, I am sure all your hard work will pay off - good luck I am following on Twitter @jpaddey and on Facebook as Jane Paddey was Taylor XX :)

tracey rollings

24th February 2012 10:36
follow on twitter as mrstracey1972 what a fantastic guesture  and awesome site

Susan Jones

24th February 2012 11:13
Your product's sound brilliant,  can't wait to try them. Have shared on Facebook.

Helen Harris

24th February 2012 13:21
liked on fb as helen e harris and tweeeted as picklepie35 :D

Annette Edgar

24th February 2012 16:48
very different - and refreshing. #wearesiam on twitter

Wendy Collard

24th February 2012 18:19
Wow, fantastic prize!!!!! Please please include me ~ I'm shared on Facebook and tweeted @wendycollard. Thanks SO much for the chance :-)

Darius Dragasius

24th February 2012 18:57
all done @darifas

natalja P

24th February 2012 18:58
following on twitter @nataljap123 and facebook

Stephanie Meakin

24th February 2012 23:09
Wow! love your website and fab competition, would love to be a guest at your launch party :)

Caroline mackinnon

24th February 2012 23:58
Fabulous opportunity can't wait till May xxx

Anene Cee

25th February 2012 11:45
Liked on facebook, followed and retweeted! @xcleocatx


25th February 2012 12:21
Lovely looking products - can't wait to try them -  @karencomp

Elizabeth Smith

25th February 2012 15:24
Sounds like someone is going to get spoilt! Good luck on your launch. @ejsmith1972

Sara Turner

26th February 2012 01:43
Tweeted as @mummaturner

rebecca denyer

26th February 2012 02:03
Wow fab prize, shared on fb and tweeted as beclee09


Tracey-ann Belcher

26th February 2012 13:45
What an amazingly super prize! Thank you for the chance - Following and tweeting on twitter as @tabbaz123
Good Luck to all x

Deborah Jeavons

26th February 2012 13:48
awesome give away - @debsjeav

Stacy Fenemore

26th February 2012 13:51
tweeted tacy1978stacy

Marc Jackson

26th February 2012 17:45
I've entered. Would love to win!


Sarah Bailey

26th February 2012 18:10
Amazing prize :)*fingers crossed* xx

Gemma Cook

26th February 2012 18:32
Lovely website and products. Great prize!! My twitter name @GemmaCook26 and have also shared on facebook :)

Heather Shaw

26th February 2012 19:20
tweeted as @kiki_725

Natalie White

26th February 2012 19:30
Thanks for a fab giveaway!! Have liked on Facebook as Natalie-anne White & following on Twitter & tweeted as @natz44

katrina walsh

26th February 2012 21:20
Woohoo Sadie

Hayley Doel

26th February 2012 22:02
Fab stuff -

Mary Chez

27th February 2012 00:04
Great prize..shared on facebook (mary chez) and tweeted (@boo1003 )

tamalyn roberts

27th February 2012 00:58
wow looks like a fab prize, twitter name @tamalyn1, tweeted and liked on facebook, x

Katherine Penny

27th February 2012 09:32
Would love to be the lucky person to win this!!!

Have liked and shared on facebook and tweeted @katster10.  


Kelly Hockings

27th February 2012 10:50
What a fab comp good of you to run it liked on facebook and following on twitter as @mumsiekelzof4 xx


27th February 2012 13:18
Very intriguing! Gorgeous website, can't wait to see the products!

diane findlay

27th February 2012 13:21
tweeted as @deefindlay1 ..fb: dee m findlay . please include me in the competition

Jay Scales

27th February 2012 13:26
This sounds amazing! Would absolutely love to try your prosucts ahead of the crowds! Have tweeted - @cheekychicken24 xx

Jesse Partington

27th February 2012 13:39
Liked and tweeted as @JessePar

Michelle Harper

27th February 2012 14:09
Hi, I have liked you on facebook, tweeted about you and am following you on twitter. Could you please enter me, for you gorgeous prize my twitter is Iamatweetiepie. Good luck with your launch and Thank-you for being so generous with the prizexxx


27th February 2012 14:20
Very high spec website and a brilliant prize. @xxcarollxx


27th February 2012 16:31
lovely prize

karen scammell

27th February 2012 18:24

Susan Rowley

27th February 2012 19:06
Fingers crossed...tweeted @cherrybranch

victoria leedham

27th February 2012 19:58
+fantastic competition,
wishing you good luck for the launch

Danielle Vedmore

27th February 2012 20:46
Done all! :) @tinkertink2010 thanks xoxo

alison phillips

27th February 2012 21:38
I have liked your Facebook page, tweeted about you on my twitter account and now I am commenting by telling you what I have done and would like to say thanks for letting me enter the competition.

Stacey Rowe

27th February 2012 22:01
Nothing beats a bit of pampering and your products look ideal :)


28th February 2012 12:58
Looking forward to seeing what treats you have in store for us in the future!

Have tweeted about you; @Heavenlyink

ang iepickering

28th February 2012 13:28
Amazing prize, fingers crossed ! Following on twitter as @princesspixxie

Lacy Savage

28th February 2012 15:11
What a fabulous giveaway and great company! I have liked on Facebook and am tweeting/follwing too as @loopy_lacy. Thank you : )

Sue Coggin

28th February 2012 15:24
Very, very stylish.....


28th February 2012 18:12
Fabulous giveaway woul love to try out your products,have liked and shared


28th February 2012 21:46
done both please add me to the draw

jo maxted

28th February 2012 21:47
facebook liked xx
twitter @jo4chelsea

Lee Davis

28th February 2012 21:47
liked on facebook and following on twitter @tubbss

Steve Butler

28th February 2012 22:17
such a fantastic & welcome offering
Twitter name @steve_sona

Marina Frow

28th February 2012 22:36
followed on twitter - marinaricci

ger cruz

28th February 2012 23:49
I adore a bathing.  Your products look divine and so indulgently me me me!  @fairyblue62

anne brookes

29th February 2012 00:52
Would love to win this, twitter name is stellabella1977

Hana Fenny H

29th February 2012 03:34
Good Luck Everyone.. @Calvsmom ^_^

sara edge

29th February 2012 04:01
tweeted, liked! great comp! @sara_edge

Sally Hatton-Crowther

29th February 2012 07:44
Good luck for you launch snd thank you for such a fantastic prize.  I am following you on twitter @2hatsmchattie.

Natalie Holland

29th February 2012 08:00
Thank you, great giiveaway. Tweeted @starcatch3r


29th February 2012 08:35
twitter name @wohic

thank you

Gemma Turner

29th February 2012 09:03
Amazing prize. I love the website- it's so different! I'm sick of seeing nothing but white websites which are just boring. I love the colours on your site they're much warmer and keep you interested for longer!


29th February 2012 09:21
Fabulous prize! tweeted as @nipperthedog. Good luck with the launch. x

claire woods

29th February 2012 10:19
I've done the above - great competition - @clairew137

David Paterson

29th February 2012 10:24
pateci0 would love to win

Annette Alter

29th February 2012 11:03
I'm really excited about your products and would love to win!

Lyndsey B

29th February 2012 11:20
Oh I just love being the first to try things out! Fingers and toes crossed!

douglas millard

29th February 2012 13:19
Great products and a great prize.

joan Apperley

29th February 2012 13:40
would love to win


29th February 2012 14:42
Fantastic givaway good luck with the launch

Gemma L

29th February 2012 15:50
The products are looking amazing, I look forward to trying out some of them soon x

Honora Livesey

29th February 2012 17:36
What a fab goveaway. Love the idea of reinventing the Great British Bathtime. Liked on FB and tweeted as @hgl2510. Thanks for opportunity :)

Leanne Brooks

29th February 2012 18:51
great prize, good luck everyone

Melanie Gardiner

29th February 2012 20:11
fab, tweeting as @dumplingiow

Anthony Martin

29th February 2012 20:27
wow what a fab prize


29th February 2012 20:59
Great prize @susiemcd1

michelle G

29th February 2012 23:01
Hi, great comp, from @toopybinoo :)

paula evans

1st March 2012 02:57
great stuff thanks @YeOldeRockChick

Chris Fliss

1st March 2012 08:29
Have liked on facebook as Chris Fliss and followed and retweeted on Twitter as @sparky61 :-)

Claire Trevor

1st March 2012 11:54
Amazing giveaway! @claire_trevor


1st March 2012 14:32
i like soaps - @riddlexic

Michele Elton

1st March 2012 21:47
Wow, all looks very posh!  I am following you on twitter and have tweeted the message @glitterbaby40 - fab comp - thank you xx


1st March 2012 22:03
Fantastic prize, Liked on facebook, tweeted @jcbc31 and entered email on site

Lee-tracey Brotherton

2nd March 2012 05:20
Have been a facebook fan for sometime @ Lee Tracey Brotherton, also following on twitter @traybroth.

Arabella Bazley

2nd March 2012 19:19
It all looks too fabulous!  @UtterlyBumpty.  Many thanks and kind regards.


3rd March 2012 09:48
I could really do with something to help me relax! my twitter ID is @Rozyanna

Julie Booth

3rd March 2012 12:54
Great giveaway

Here is my tweet from @Flashquacks!/Flashquacks/status/175927253249703936


3rd March 2012 14:01
What an excellent giveawayxx Twitter ID is @007bambam

belinda porter

4th March 2012 15:07
I have liked on facebook and tweeted on twitter my twitter account is bella97p I did put email on website but dont want tickets if I win as I cant travel thank you

Claire Nelson

4th March 2012 19:47
Lovely - thank you! I am @auroradreaming


4th March 2012 20:07
Fingers crossed! @dejanestpas


5th March 2012 08:14
lovely,tweeted as @avelte2000


5th March 2012 14:06
Would love to win these products!

Kerry Brown

7th March 2012 18:16
ohh how fantastic!

Susan Harrison

8th March 2012 15:49
Fabulous prize..thank you :)

Kelly Hanson

10th March 2012 12:51
Great prize. Hope I win. @hansonkell19

mrs s pearce

10th March 2012 22:21
liked (s pearce mse),following and retweeted @spearcemse for a chance to win this great prize x x x

Sue Warr

11th March 2012 07:52
I am loving the sound of the Hamper! Great prize

anne ross

11th March 2012 11:54
smashing prizes hope am lucky


11th March 2012 19:42
fab give away would love to try your products following on facebook and tweeting as tracycunningha2 :@)

Helen Cruse

11th March 2012 21:04
Very classy!! Twitter name dogwithnobrain : -)

george davidson

12th March 2012 14:40
i so want this

Mary Chez

14th March 2012 19:32
great giveaway  @boo1003

Linda Thorn

15th March 2012 09:53

Vivienne Wilkes

15th March 2012 15:06
Great competition, would love to win! Twitter name @vivwilkes

Jo Middleton

15th March 2012 18:01
This looks absolutely blissful! Perfect for stressed out mummies :-)

I'm @mummyblogger

Emily Hutchinson

16th March 2012 11:40
Sounds great! I've liked and tweeted - @emilyh13

Rhoda Kellar

16th March 2012 11:42
Fabulous. @rhodak09


16th March 2012 11:42
Wow, what a great prize , would love to win !

@CHOCOAJ  on twitter :)

simone lee

16th March 2012 11:48
liked shared tweeted @loppys1234 good luck to all

simone lee

16th March 2012 11:51
great comp good luck to all loppys1234

Jo Waltham

16th March 2012 12:02
Bathtime is my "me time". My twitter id is @magentaskyuk


16th March 2012 12:17
Fab!! @themightyswoosh


16th March 2012 12:48
What a Fab prize. Twitting as @TwinMummy30

Alexis Pettie

16th March 2012 13:00
Great stuff and fab comp! Followed on facebook and on twitter @alexis1976

Wendy McDonald

16th March 2012 13:18
Great competition!  Tweeted and liked on Facebook. @wendymcd83


16th March 2012 13:42

Laura Evans

16th March 2012 14:07
oooooooh what a wonderful prize! @evsgirl09 would love to win!! I do love my bath products!! :)

zainab govalia

16th March 2012 14:11
beautiful products, i have liked on f/b, no twitter account (sorry!)
hope i still get entered!

Jessica Whitehead-Stevens

16th March 2012 14:16
@jessws2011 ;-)

Red Rose Mummy

16th March 2012 14:56
Tweeted @RedRoseMummy and I like you on FB as Pippa Ainsworth

tracy dodd

16th March 2012 14:57
what a great comp ,tweeted as @tldoddster and liked on facebook

Christine Northrop

16th March 2012 15:17
lovely idea for a comeition.  I have tweeted @bonestormer13 & liked on facebook too

sarah lambert

16th March 2012 16:03
Wow what a very classy website its stunning and great giveaway to :)

Janice Beal

16th March 2012 17:07
Lovley products - have tweeted as @twydalldee.
Good luck with your launch :)

emma Cella

16th March 2012 17:52
Such a great giveaway! Would love to try out your products! My twitter name is @handbag2000

Cathy Glynn

16th March 2012 18:10
What a marvellous prize @pagan500

gary wilson

16th March 2012 18:37


16th March 2012 20:21
what a fabulous prize!  My twitter id is @esthermate and I have tweeted

isobelle forde

16th March 2012 21:05
thanks to Jo Bryan its a pleasure to stumble across your website, nothing finer than luxury bathing!

helen brown

16th March 2012 21:33
great giveaway @jadetiki

Ali Thorpe

16th March 2012 21:49

All done x


17th March 2012 07:18
Would love to win x x (¯`v´¯) x x
( ' ♥ ' )       Thank-you for the fab giveaway!!
(")("),)    `•.¸.•´ ★ liked on fb/twitter  ★.`•.¸.•´


Lydia Bates

17th March 2012 13:15
Looks divine!Good luck everyone!I am Miss.Stitch @kidsstitch on twitter.

Karolyn Holden

17th March 2012 16:14

Sue Hall

17th March 2012 16:22
Lovely prize. Would be a real luxury to win x

D Wheeler

17th March 2012 17:42
Great prize, fingers crossed!

Twitter name @bcd2009

Sarah D

17th March 2012 20:59
following on twitter @jedisarah, and thanks to mummyblogger for sharing the competiton!

Nicky Benton

18th March 2012 01:23

Karen Bone

18th March 2012 14:34
@KarenBBone  - great site , and hopefully products even better , great giveawy here thank you x

Sam Swain

18th March 2012 15:52
Competition looks great.  Twitter @samcornfield

Karen Harrison

18th March 2012 21:15
Twitter name karenharrison67

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

18th March 2012 21:45
Amazing prize, good luck everyone



18th March 2012 22:33
Love the Website...

Have tweeted and facebook...

Twitter... teaandscones666



19th March 2012 17:09
Liked and Shared

audrey halliday

19th March 2012 22:35
Lovely prize, great products in super packaging, this is a must for everyone.

Joy Dehany

20th March 2012 14:55
I don't have twitter but I have to say this is a lovely website and your products are lovely.

melanie stirling

20th March 2012 17:47
Following and sharing on facebook and tweeted @mellysocks

mandy mason

20th March 2012 17:52
What a very generous giveaway! I have tweeted as @lowie131

Raj Sandhu

20th March 2012 23:50
I've liked & tweeted @crazzzyRaj

Joanne Walker

21st March 2012 00:00
Such a great range of products!

kelly woolfrey

21st March 2012 00:52
what a great gift xx liing on facebook x tweeting as @kellyhelps xx

Stephen Scott

21st March 2012 15:28
Nice competition. tweeted @sjscott1977

susannah brown

22nd March 2012 10:39
followed tweeted @gettogirl09 and joined on facebook .great prize good luck all

david cavender

23rd March 2012 22:24
Fantastic Prize!

Chris Bryan

24th March 2012 07:02
What a dream prize, @MrChris_B

Tamara Payne

24th March 2012 18:35
Liked on Facebook & Twitter (@TamaraPayne2)

isobelle forde

24th March 2012 21:22
Fabulous looking products! liked and tweeted as @mountaingirlee4

Karen Foster

24th March 2012 22:19
Fab prize thanks - @Kayfoz

Claire Louise Jones

24th March 2012 23:07
Would love to win this!  Have tweeted @clairie_jones. Thank you!

sam bailey

25th March 2012 01:12
Stunning and superb giveaway would be a treat for anyone to win and hopefully not to be sold on but enjoyed


25th March 2012 20:08
I have followed on facebook and have just tweeted as @MRLOFT

Mandy Graham

26th March 2012 12:36
Great Prize!  Have liked on FB and tweeted.

Elizabeth Smith

27th March 2012 08:24
Sometimes it seems like bathtime is my only 'me time' so I'd love to win this. @ejsmith1972

Chrissie Charnock

27th March 2012 08:46
How lovely, I'd feel like a Queen. Liked on FB and RT as @ChrissieLissie1

Poppy Gillespie

27th March 2012 08:57
Absolutely fabulous! Liked and tweeted as @PoppyGil

Jo Pitt

27th March 2012 10:26
Love the website

Zoe Howarth

27th March 2012 18:35
Liked, shared & tweeted x

Kate Huxstep

27th March 2012 19:05
Amazing giveaway - have done all.


28th March 2012 08:06
Have liked/tweeted etc.

Kerrie Vella

28th March 2012 19:09
i have done all the above @kemo_2002

James Moran

28th March 2012 19:19
I'd love to smell the best fragrances of Britain.

Adrian Crook

28th March 2012 23:10
Have tweeted twitter name @adriancrook27

Joanne Dummigan

28th March 2012 23:10
What a fab giveaway

Nicola P

29th March 2012 10:12
@gig_geek26   I would feel like the Lady of the Manor using such Noble prudects.

Denfor Hopkins

29th March 2012 10:23
Hope to win this competition.


29th March 2012 10:47
Fab website!

Mark Whittaker

29th March 2012 13:05
The website is amazing. It sounds like a fantastic launch

Ruth Gee

29th March 2012 15:36
@EeghtuR  on Twitter...and a bit of a Twitter virgin so please treat gently!!!


29th March 2012 15:56
hi tweeting your comp & following you - @dancer2712

Pat Walker

29th March 2012 16:53
they look very decadent!!

Alison Johnson

29th March 2012 18:45
Lovely prize. @aligiraffe

Melissa Hall

29th March 2012 18:55
My Twitter name is @pinkkittcatt  and I have told all my friends about you!
I also like you on facebook :)

P Phillips

29th March 2012 19:01
Lovely prize thanks. @pphil10

Belinda Matthews

29th March 2012 20:43
great giveaway

Amanda Richardson

29th March 2012 21:42
following on Facebook & liked page

Stuart Payne

30th March 2012 09:32
following twitter @howling9

Kim Lam

30th March 2012 09:45
Liked on Facebook and following on Twitter @kim1957uk

bernadette blundell

30th March 2012 11:23
fab prize

Lisa Hughes

30th March 2012 11:26
Products look amazing! Would love to win this competition, have tweeted @thequeenosheba :-)

m knight

30th March 2012 12:13
great website

Steven Montgomery

30th March 2012 13:41
Liked & tweeted :)


30th March 2012 14:03
Great prize! @Rozyanna

Katherine Naylor

30th March 2012 14:17
How glorious! I'd love to win this - I'm a complete bath baby.

Jenny Eyre

30th March 2012 14:34
Great prize, following you on twitter as @gyrobier and on facebook as Jenz Ann.  Good Luck  with your launch.


30th March 2012 16:41
amazing prize

Sarah Mills

30th March 2012 17:12

emma perry

30th March 2012 18:04
liked, followed, re tweeted:


Florence Cross

30th March 2012 18:07
Lovely prize. Liked, followed & tweted @flossiecrossie

olivia kirby

30th March 2012 20:43
would love to win!! tweeted, liked amd following xxx

Rachel Vass

30th March 2012 20:52
I love having a bath - it's the best part of the day and to bathe in these products would be bliss.  Have tweeted as @rachelvass1982.  Thanks so much!

Holly Green

31st March 2012 01:12
I have liked on Facebook and have tweeted! @flamingice48

Paula Frances Evans

31st March 2012 02:44
Amazing give-away
Liked & shared on FB
@yeolderockchick Twitter

Vicky Robinson

31st March 2012 03:56
Absolutely fantastic prize & great website

Vicky-Louise Robinson

31st March 2012 03:58
Absolutely fantastic prize & great website! (Forgot to say that my Twitter name is @Vickypinkpigxx)

Soraya Rodrigues

31st March 2012 07:25
Great prize

Denise Noble

31st March 2012 08:02
I'm following on facebook and pressed liked. I love the name, Noble Isle, it's so classy, just like your luxury hamper will be. Good luck with the launch. x

Emma Andersson

31st March 2012 08:39
Done all! @merdoomy

Lyn Bosomworth

31st March 2012 09:55
What a great giveaway. gillysim27 @pinkbling11

antonia j richardson

31st March 2012 11:33
following on fb hello

Joanna Krakowiak

31st March 2012 13:13
Fabulous competition!!!! Thank you! I've liked you on Facebook & following you on Twitter (@JoannaKrakowiak) xxx

Cheryll H

31st March 2012 13:14
Your products look amazing :) @pipersky1

Stuart Kelly

31st March 2012 13:59
great prize @everton2003

Deborah Wheeler

31st March 2012 16:55
Following on twitter as @debwh142

Carol Baker

31st March 2012 17:20
nice comp thanks :) @Caggiebaker

Linda Guest

31st March 2012 17:30
It's half term and I really need some pampering.  These products looks lovely.  I've liked on Facebook in my real and only name :)

Paul Witney

31st March 2012 19:05
Have liked, followed and tweeted - @pepicola3

Lisa Wells

31st March 2012 19:31
such a fantastic prize ...would love to win x

Elizabeth Wilder

31st March 2012 20:04
Like you on FB and have tweeted @jessicar1973

Julie Lorraine Thomas

31st March 2012 20:25
What a lovely giveaway! I've been a follower of yours on facebook and twitter for some time.  Just tweeted again for you @julster55P


31st March 2012 20:50
great prize, have entered


Nickie Chapman

31st March 2012 21:36
Did all the things. How lovely of you to run the giveaway! :)



31st March 2012 21:40
Have tweeted @FlorrieFloyd. Thanks.

Sheila Reeves

31st March 2012 21:43
Have Tweeted as @compcake


31st March 2012 22:00
great @chiggobiggo

Samantha Wesley

31st March 2012 22:17
Please pick me!! @samanthawesley


31st March 2012 22:35
Thanks! @sammoola
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