A modern British brand

At Noble Isle we strive to provide a distinctive sensory experience, eschewing the ordinary in favour of the original at every stage to create the New Tradition in luxury bathing. Moving beyond cliché, each fine fragrance in the Noble Isle collection delivers a unique and sumptuous aromatic experience. Blended by a top ‘nose’ in the industry, our bath and body products are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Different by design

Noble Isle’s luxurious lotions, washes and candles are dressed to impress. Everything from our bespoke embossed bottles, pumps and boxes to our hand-tailored logo and palette of dashing colours has been custom-created to establish an iconic look. Bold and unmistakably British, our products are modern classics designed to make a statement in any room.

High performance

Noble Isle is a specialist purveyor of high-performing bath and body products. Our products do what they say they will – no compromises, no overblown promises, no enslavement to fleeting fads.