December 31, 2023

A Message from Katy Simpson | Happy New Year from Noble Isle

“Dear Valued Customers,

As we close the chapter on another year and look forward to the fresh start that awaits us, I want to extend my most heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I hope the festive season has been a source of joy, comfort, and reconnection for you all.

This past year has been a landmark one for Noble Isle. In May, we celebrated our 11th birthday — a moment that allowed us to pause and appreciate how far we’ve come. From being an idea and concept, to receiving the prestigious recognition as one of the best British Luxury brands as awarded by Walpole this  year, it has truly been a transformative journey. And it is you, our treasured customers, who have made this journey so rewarding.

We’ve also been elated by the response to our Refill range, in both Hand Care and Home Fragrance. Your enthusiasm has confirmed the shared values we hold dear — those of a more sustainable, thoughtful way of living. Your support brings us one step closer to our vision for a greener future, and we thank you wholeheartedly for joining us on this path.

This year also saw the expansion of our Pinewood collection. Your overwhelming feedback for this range has been inspiring, affirming our belief in the evocative power of fragrance to create moments, memories, and a sense of ‘home.’

We understand that the sense of ‘home’ has never been more crucial. That’s why our fragrances aim to create not just an aroma but an ambiance, a setting, a personal experience — whether it’s the comforting warmth evoked by Fireside, the fresh optimism of Summer Rising, or the lush vitality of The Greenhouse.

As we step into the New Year, we remain committed to our core values of luxury, sustainability, and above all, creating scents that evoke cherished memories and give a sense of home, wherever you may be. Please do keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with us, whether through a Trustpilot review or an email to our customer services team. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to grow and refine our offerings.

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of Noble Isle. May the year ahead be filled with happiness, good health, and of course, beautiful fragrances.”

Warmest regards,

Katy Simpson
Founder, Noble Isle


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