Sea of Green, Roaringwater Bay

Drinking in the mineral wealth of the ocean with each incoming tide, sea greens are richer in nutrients than any land-locked plant could hope to be. Sea oak, can be found anchored steadfastly to the tide-line, fanning its leather-brown fronds on to beaches and unfurling shiny ribbons over pebbles and rocks. Thanks to an amphibious design, sea oak can sunbathe when the tide is out and employ its air-filled bubbles when it flows in.

Clinging vertiginously to the cliffs above, rock samphire sprouts along the coast like a miniature marine cactus, sinking its roots deep into rocky crevices. Left to its own devices, this fragrant sea vegetable never strays far from the briny breezes of the coast, which lends it a distinctive salty tang and considerable mineral riches.

Ireland in a Bottle Noble Isle sources sea oak and samphire from a Roaringwater Bay mussel farm in West Cork, where a rocky coast meets the pristine waters of the Atlantic. Valued for their concentrated mineral content, sea oak and samphire have been gathered for hundreds of years in the area and this family-run farm has historic access to the shoreline.

Products available: Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.

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