March 25, 2024

Noble Isle Whisky & Water Shower Gel | One of Our Most Requested Fragrances

Noble Isle Whisky & Water Shower Gel: One of Our Most Requested Fragrances

Our Luxury Whisky Shower Gel, iconically named Whisky & Water, is one of our best-selling fragrances. It’s starts as a favourite scent for many, which quickly turns into an addiction and by evolution a signature scent.

It was one of our original fragrances when we created the brand over a decade ago. It has been requested by top footballers, in the dressing rooms of stars in your favourite TV shows and movies, hotels that stretch both sides of the Atlantic and is bought in the bucket-load by you, our customers. 

It’s fresh yet musky, spicy and warm, rich, evocative, addictive – it’s your party piece, no shower is complete without it and if you haven’t tried it yet, well.

Finally, it’s time to pay homage to the fragrance that we cannot seem to get enough of – Whisky & Water.

The Famous Whisky & Water Shower Gel

The Whisky & Water Bath & Shower Gel, a modern, dramatic, and rather addictive fragrance. Whisky & Water is reminiscent of a warm cosy room at dusk next to a roaring fire with hints of the finest Whisky. A rich fragrance, redolent of the finest, oak-aged single malt, with warm Vanilla and Cedarwood. Aromatic, woody and spicy – it’s an olfactory marvel.

Part of the Noble Isle original collection, the addiction for the Whisky & Water collection has spread far and wide even to the bathrooms of the rich and famous.

We include real extract of Barley inside every bottle, meaning our Whisky & Water Bath & Shower Gel is not only fragrantly perfect but it’s rich in proteins and is a natural skin calmer. 

Our Malted Barley extract is sourced from the time honoured Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown, one of only a few distilleries still harvesting and malting its own barley to create an exclusive range of hand-crafted single malt Scottish whiskies characterised by smooth, honeyed complexity. Read more about the provenance of this collection here.

Luxury Bath & Shower Gels Created with Real Perfume

At Noble Isle, we use real perfume in every product. We believe in the importance of fragrance to take you back to a memory, moment or place in time. Why not take these small snippets of life that are often mundane tasks and make them extraordinary. 

Bathing in perfume is considered the ultimate luxury and we believe in making that a reality. The art of taking an evening bath or having your morning shower becomes a ritual, a moment to pause and reflect on the past or revel in what the future holds. We want you to take that moment of relaxation and carry it with you throughout your day. 

Each perfume is expertly created by a master ‘nose’ alongside our Founder. As each note wears off, new scents, memories and emotions will reveal themselves – the definition of evocative fragrance. 

The olfactory notes in our famous Whisky & Water Bath & Shower Gel are:

  • Top notes: Rose, Davana Blossom 
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom 
  • Base notes: Tonka Bean, Amber 

The Goodness Inside Every Bottle

Multipurpose, our Bath & Shower Gels can be used in the shower for a quick, richly-scented cleansing experience and a luxurious Bubble Bath for longer, more relaxing cleansing rituals. The mild yet rich foaming lather leaves skin cleansed and sumptuously scented.

The crowning bottle design was inspired by the satisfying shape of an old British whisky keg, and each bottle is topped by a custom-created pump embossed with the Noble Isle Coat of Balms, adding a stylish touch to any room. 

We are a sustainable brand from the manufacturing process to the packaging. Luxury shouldn’t compromise ethics – we have a complete cruelty-free, vegan friendly Bath & Shower Gel collection.

Serving Memories Through Fragrance

The beautiful thing about fragrance is that everyone has a different experience and memory that is close to their hearts. We spoke to John about why he loves Whisky & Water.

‘When I served in Singapore at the age of twenty-one, I used to walk down the Ayer Rhaja Road from my barracks to my girlfriend’s house. It was always early evening, the sun had gone down, it was dark with simply a few street lights and the humidity had dropped slightly. I always enjoyed taking everything in at this calm period of the day. The nights were warm and along the way were bushes of jasmine and wild roses. The scent was overpowering and I used to stop and take in the fragrance. As I got nearer to her house there was also a “shack” selling sandalwood oils and incense sticks and further on another “shack” making camphor wood chests. The fragrances will stay in my mind forever. When I first washed my hands with Whisky & Water it took me straight back to Singapore. Whenever I use Whisky & Water it takes me straight back to walking along the Ayer Rhaja Road in 1971.’

The Luxury Whisky & Water Collection

The popularity of our famous Whisky & Water Collection extends well beyond the luxury of shower gel. We now offer a range of complementing products from Luxury Hand Washes to lavish three-Wick Candles that add that take your rooms from ordinary to extraordinary in the flick of a match. You can shop the rest of the collection here.


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