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MYNWY VALLEY, Wales, Made in the uk

The inspiration for the warmest fragrance in the Noble Isle collection, Fireside, comes from a coaching inn planted in the Welsh foothills that has been welcoming weathered travellers for centuries with flickering hearths, time-worn flagstone floors and oak beams. From the neat raised beds of its traditional organic kitchen garden, we have plucked nutritious red, yellow and white beets. Superveg beetroot is extraordinarily rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants.

In the depths of winter, when the ground is cold under striding welly, the sun feeble and the sky darkening overhead, the great British country inn of popular imagination summons all-comers with an open fire spitting and humming in the corner, pints of ale hand-pumped at the bar, and the promise of something hot and hearty drifting in from the kitchen.

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River Monnow

Noble Isle sources red, yellow and white beetroot from the certified organic kitchen garden at The Bell at Skenfrith, a 17th-century Welsh coaching inn perched prettily on the banks of the River Monnow.

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Our founder Katy Simpson is passionate about food and cooking – and, nine years ago she came across the The Bell in Skenfrith, a former 17th century coaching inn, in Monmouthshire. A gem in the British Isles, Monmouthshire is known for its rolling green hills and babbling streams and is nestled in the south-east of Wales. At the time it was unusual for a restaurant or pub to have its own kitchen garden, most vegetables were standardised and generic, so Katy was mesmerised when she was served a plate of delicious heritage yellow, green and purple tomatoes during her visit. Katy was intrigued to find out more and went on to research beetroot and to create the unique beetroot extract, using three types of beetroot from The Bell’s organic garden, for our Fireside collection.

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Products available: Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a Fine Fragrance Candle.


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