Vegan Friendly, Luxury Hand Care, Made in the UK

Our Luxury Hand Wash is designed to add pleasure and style to something as simple as washing your hands. Our range of fine fragrance, Luxury liquid soaps are created with natural extracts, sourced from around the British Isles and blended with fine fragrances, with clearly defined top, heart and base notes. Our vegan, cruelty-free Hand Washes have natural antibacterial properties, contain natural cleansers and are hydrating.

The crowning bottle design  was inspired by the satisfying shape of an old British whisky keg, and each bottle is topped by a custom-created pump embossed with the Noble Isle Coat of Balms, adding a stylish touch to any room. Each Luxury Hand Wash has a complementing partner, a soothing Luxury Hand Lotion for the ideal Luxury Hand Lotion and Hand Wash Gift Set.

At Noble Isle, we are great believers in the power of fragrance to enhance mood, trigger memories and create a sense of place. All our Luxury Hand Washes are made in England with real perfume. We are a sustainable brand from the manufacturing process to the packaging. Luxury shouldn’t compromise ethics – we have a complete cruelty-free, vegan friendly Hand Wash collection.