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‘The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness’

 John Muir, Scottish-American naturalist & author

The Scots Pine Luxury Bath, Body & Home Collection is a fresh and green fragrance.  The Great Caledonian Forest – the ancient woods that once cloaked much of northern Scotland – still figures prominently in both the Scottish landscape and imagination. The remaining areas of old-growth Caledonian pinewood are now precious and protected, and to walk through them is to reconnect with an era of true wilderness – a bygone time of lynx, brown bears and wolves.

Queen of this wild wood, past and present, is the Scots Pine, a tree of distinction. The only true native pine of the British Isles, it was crowned the national tree of Scotland in 2014. Classically conical in its early years, the long-living Scots Pine becomes more eccentric as it ages, often developing a lofty, branchless trunk and a crown in its later years. Its green-blue needles grow only in pairs, with a distinctive twist. Scottish pinewoods now provide a treasured habitat for unique species such as the capercaillie, a striking woodland grouse; the rare Scottish crossbill, the only bird species found exclusively in the British Isles; and the scarce and elusive Scottish wildcat.
As colour drains from the winter landscape, the Scots Pine ­– long held as a symbol of hope, strength and vitality – remains saturated in green, emanating the scent of its resinous sap.

Natural extracts
Scots Pine has been traditionally employed in soaps, salves and bath salts, thanks to the cleansing, antimicrobial properties of the resin – used by the tree to protect against threat – and its invigorating, sappy scent.

We have paired extract of Scots Pine with natural extract of Heather, an iconic Scottish heathland evergreen and a time-honoured skin-soother.

Natural Extracts


Noble Isle’s extracts of Scots Pine and Heather are carefully sourced from a sustainably managed pinewood forest in northern Scotland. This forest, with its scenic beauty, exemplifies the principles of sustainable forestry and the conservation efforts in Scotland’s north-east. The careful stewardship of this land emphasises the protection of local plant and animal life, alongside the support of essential rural industries. This approach showcases a deep commitment to the environment and the thoughtful preservation of natural resources.



Here at Noble Isle, we like to think of the New Year as a chance to make a fresh start. To set New Year resolutions that that are easy to keep, such as the chance to make your life that little bit more planet-friendly.

We don’t think that you should have to compromise on the things you love in order to do your bit for the world around us. We think that planet-friendly products should just be part of the package.

We’re also extremley proud to announce that Noble Isle are the winners of Best Vegan-Friendly Home Fragrance Collection in the Global Vegan Awards 2023 with LuxLife! The award is testament to our commitment to sustainability initiatives as we believe Luxury should never compromise. All of the products at Noble Isle are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, use natural extracts and are made with real perfume.

scots pine Luxury Bath, Body & Home collection

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