Fragrance Categories

Creating Memories Through Fragrance

Defined fragrance categories for our Luxury Bath, Body & Home collections from Noble Isle in twelve quintessentially British fragrances. Created using locally sourced, authentic, sustainable natural extracts from celebrated producers around the British Isles. 

With each collection you’ll embark on a journey of discovery experiencing the natural beauty of the British Isles through fragrance. Designed to evoke poignant nostalgia and re-live moments of happiness with every scent.

We are a sustainable brand from the manufacturing process to the packaging. Luxury shouldn’t compromise ethics – we have a complete cruelty-free, vegan friendly Bath, Body & Home collection.

Citrus Scents

Immaculate, bright, and energising; citrus fragrances are modern, unisex and zesty tops notes provide a fresh, clean and addictive aroma.

Fruit Scents

Vivid, bright and enticing, sophisticated fruit fragrance deliver a glorious blend of ripe crops that will invigorate your morning.

Floral Scents

Delicate, pure and charming, floral fragrances are a boutique of summer with romantic, contemporary and feminine notes.

Wood & Spice Scents

Aromatic, piquant, peppery, and intriguing, spicy fragrances are sensual, they warm the soul and enliven the spirit.

Citrus scents

Fruit Scents

Floral Scents

Wood & Spicy