Deluxe Candles

Luxury Large Three-Wick Candles

The Noble Isle Deluxe Candle range is the perfect way to make a scented statement. Luxury Three-Wick Candles in opulent fragrances, with complementing packaging, reverently designed by our Founder.

Aesthetics are as important to us as fragrance. We ensure that our range of Deluxe Candles only enhance your home’s interior, by encasing them in a bespoke matte black glass complete with elegant rose-gold detailing.

At Noble Isle, we are great believers in the power of fragrance to enhance mood, trigger memories and create a sense of place. All of our Deluxe Candles are made with real perfume. We are a sustainable brand from the manufacturing process to the packaging. Luxury doesn’t compromise – we have a complete cruelty-free, vegan friendly Deluxe Candle collection.