January 11, 2023

Simple Mindfulness Moments to Incorporate into Your Day | Noble Isle

January can feel like the longest month of the year. With the cold weather, the long nights, and routine changes after the festive season, it can be easy to forget about self-care. That’s why we’ve put together small tips for simple mindfulness moments to incorporate into your day.

Why is mindfulness important?

Mindfulness has been proven to improve well-being and even our physical health, it helps relieve stress, lower blood pressure and even improves sleep. Taking the time to connect with yourself can alter your mood for the better, and is an important step in self-care.

Explore simple mindfulness moments that you can integrate into your daily routine, turning the everyday into the exceptional.

Take time for yourself in the shower or bath and improve your well-being

With busy schedules and the demands of everyday life, it can be hard to take time for yourself. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of tranquillity and fragrance, incorporating mindfulness to improve your health and well-being in the everyday activity of bathing.

1. Create an environment that is relaxing to you. Whether that means dimming the lights, lighting a candle, listening to music or podcasts. Take the time to set the scene as you wish it, aiding your relaxation.

2. Connect with the environment you’ve created. Think about the environment you’ve created and what it means to you, why it brings you comfort. Focus on the sound of the shower, the scent of your Bath & Shower Gel or Shampoo, the warmth of the water on your skin.

3. Take time with your routine. Focus on each step of your routine in the shower or bath, how you feel washing your hair, perhaps even take a moment to massage your scalp or muscles.

4. Engage all your senses. From your forehead to your toes, take the time to check in with your body and appreciate each sense and feeling. The aroma that surrounds you, the environment, the warmth of the water. Practise mindfulness and take the time to truly connect with yourself and your mind.

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Mindfulness while hand washing: a 20 second routine to improve your day

For our health, it’s important to wash our hands for at least twenty seconds. Turn the practise into a moment of mindfulness with the following suggestions:

1. Pair washing your hands with a breathing exercise. Take a gentle breath through your nose for five seconds, exhale through your mouth for another five. Repeat this action for a total of twenty seconds to relax and centre yourself.

2. Connect with your senses. Take the time to enjoy the fragrance of your Hand Wash, the sound of the running water, and the lathering sensation as you wash your hands.

3. Relax your shoulders and neck. These two areas carry tension, connect with yourself and ease the muscle strain with gentle exercises. First, roll your shoulders up to your ears on an inhale, draw your shoulder blades down and together on an exhale.

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Incorporate a gentle hand massage into your hand hygiene routine

To lock in moisture and care for your skin, it’s important to use a Hand Lotion after washing. Pair your Hand Wash with a matching Hand Lotion to enhance the bouquet of your favourite scent, and truly focus on the joy the aroma brings you.

1. Apply a Hand Lotion to reduce friction, and allow for an easier glide across the skin. A quickly absorbing Hand Lotion works best for a quick moment of mindfulness.

2. Allow your thumb to do all the work. At a pressure pleasant for you, rub your thumb over the palm of your hand in circular motions to relieve tension and work the Hand Lotion into the skin.

3. Massage the fingers. Starting at the base of your finger, pinch and apply pressure as you glide to your fingertip.

4. Take the time to connect with the fragrance, the feeling, the ease of tension, and your actions. Feeling how a simple hand massage can reduce tiredness, stress, and calm your mind.

5. Enjoy the fragrance of your Hand Lotion as it lingers, taking the time to recognise the aroma when the scent hits you, and connect with yourself again throughout the day through the power of fragrance.

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The power of fragrance with mindfulness practises

Mindfulness is about connecting with yourself and your surroundings, to be fully present in a moment with awareness of who we are, our actions and our senses. Fragrance has a strong influence on our actions and well-being, present everywhere we go during the day. Further to the tips above, unlock the power of fragrance in your mindfulness practises.

Fragrance has the power to unlock our mind, to transport us through our memories. It can influence our mood, and well-being; a comforting scent from your childhood can relax you, can bring serenity into your space; a favourite smell can trigger feelings of comfort and joy; a familiar fragrance can evoke a meaningful memory or loved one.

Surrounding your home or working space with a comforting aroma can relax you but practising mindfulness can take that relaxation further. Fill your home with a scent that has emotional meaning to you. Such as the fragrance of an English garden at the height of midsummer, evoked in The Greenhouse collection, or a welcoming fire on a winter’s day, an image conjured by our Fireside collection.

Throughout your day, when the aroma hits you, take that time to connect with yourself. To bring awareness to the fragrance and its meaning to you, use it as a small reminder to take a moment for yourself in your busy schedule for self-care.

Enjoy the moment of lighting a luxury Candle, focusing on the flickering flame, or simply take a few deep breaths when catching the scent of a Reed Diffuser as you pass by.

Turn small moments in your day into mindfulness moments to increase your well-being, relieve stress and improve your health.


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