December 4, 2023

The Gift of Relaxation: How to Create a Personalised Self-Care Package with Noble Isle Products

For many of us, the ultimate luxury is the gift of time—time to pamper ourselves, time to relax, and time to truly savor life’s simple pleasures. This holiday season, why not extend this priceless gift to your loved ones by curating a personalised self-care package with Noble Isle’s finest products?

The Art of Bespoke Gifting

In a world that often feels off-the-shelf, the option to tailor gifts to individual tastes stands out. At Noble Isle, we believe in the personal touch. Our range of bespoke gifts allows you to create thoughtful combinations that resonate with the people you care about the most.

Bathe By Candlelight

The epitome of serenity, this set allows you to choose a 250ml Bath & Shower Gel and a Single-Wick Candle, perfect for setting the mood for a tranquil soak. Priced at £55, it’s luxury tailored to your bath time needs.

The Duo

Select any combination of two 250ml products for a personalised experience. Prices range between £37 to £43, depending on your choices.

The Quartet

Take your pick from four 30ml products for only £14. This miniature selection makes a versatile, yet deeply personal gift.

The Trio

Three 75ml products of your choosing, grouped together for £22, allow you to sample a range of Noble Isle’s finest.

The Pamper Pack

Ideal for those who love to linger in the bath, choose any combination of a Bath & Shower Gel and a Body Cream for £55.

Home Fragrance Duo

With prices ranging from £72 to £87, select from Noble Isle’s curated list of home fragrances to fill your space with an inviting aroma.

Fragrance Hamper

This luxury set of four 250ml gels is priced at £75, providing an ensemble of fragrant delights to uplift the senses.

A Noble Gesture for Every Occasion

No matter the occasion—a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gesture of appreciation—a bespoke self-care package from Noble Isle makes for a timeless and elegant gift.

Give them the freedom to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. Noble Isle’s curated bespoke gifts are more than just products; they’re experiences wrapped in sophistication.


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