March 24, 2022

Top Tips To Reduce Stress – Stress Awareness Month

The Office of National Statistics for Great Britain has filed a report to show that the number of people reporting high levels of anxiety has sharply risen during the coronavirus pandemic. Stress isn’t going away and although a little stress can actually be helpful at times, stress has a cumulative impact and too much stress is dangerous for our physical and mental health.

This month is Stress Awareness Month so we are sharing a list of easy to action tips to help reduce stress and boost your sense of wellbeing.

Set the Mood

Instantly set the tone and transform the mood by listening to something uplifting or soothing. Try pairing music with an activity you don’t enjoy or find stressful and see the difference it makes to how you feel about it. You could even make your own calming and uplifting playlists ready for when you need to feel soothed or re-energised.

Let it Wash Away

Reach for your favourite Bath & Shower Gel inhale the scent and take a moment to try this ‘body scan’. Slowly wash, and as you do, take a moment to pause and thank each part of your body – something we don’t often do! It’s a great way to really connect and understand your own body.

Shared Success

Author and psychologist Suzy Reading suggests that next time a friend or loved one tells you about a success try using ‘Active and Constructive Responding’. Take a genuine interest by listening, asking lots of questions and encouraging your loved one to relive the event with you. Reflect back what you’ve learnt so you can share their joy.

Disconnect to Reconnect

You’ve probably been told to unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel bad, but holistic wellbeing coach Tamu Thomas from Live Three Sixty suggests going a bit deeper. Try to delve into the source. Our history and mood change the filter on what we see, so check in with yourself by asking – why is this account creating feelings of inadequacy for me? The feelings are the symptoms, so think about the underlying cause and how does this apply to your life?

Write a Joy List

Write a list of things you enjoy and things that make you happy (e.g. a walk with friends, time in the garden, burning your favourite scented candle, drinking your favourite coffee, swimming, etc.). Then sit down with your planner, calendar or phone and think through how you can do more of the things that bring you joy. Is there something you can do today?

Reach Out

Book in some time to connect and reconnect with those closest to you. It could be as simple as sending a friend or loved one a photo from your phone camera roll or a snap, as you go about your day, so they know you are thinking of them. Why not write a letter to a friend with a list of all of the things you appreciate about them or re-tell a favourite shared memory? Our founder Katy, makes time to regularly connect with her oldest friends by arranging to meet and try different restaurants and cuisines from around the world together.

Give a Hug

Touch has been shown to be a potent de-stresser but has been in very short supply for so many of us over the last couple of years. Suzy Reading stresses the importance of ‘giving’ rather than ‘having’ a hug. There’s so much joy to be found in kindness and so the act of giving a hug can be a mutual win-win. Spending time with pets can also lift your mood and help impart a sense of joy, so we are going to leave you with an image of our founder Katy’s dogs to hopefully brighten your day!



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