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How Noble isle works with Clean Conscience to recycle travel-sized toiletries

As part of Noble Isle’s ongoing pledge to establish itself as a cleaner, greener force for environmental change, we have partnered with charity, Clean Conscience.

The issue of single-use plastic and its acceleration of climate change is a significant one for the hospitality industry. Millions of travel-sized toiletries are wasted each year and with the current environmental landscape, the need for brands to address fully sustainable ways of working is more pressing than ever. Noble Isle has partnered with Clean Conscience for this very reason, to offer alternative ways to repurpose toiletries which would otherwise end up in a landfill. We believe it is our responsibility as suppliers to help source a solution that is easily accessible for our customers.

Founded in 2015 by Gwen Powell, Clean Conscience was born from the growing awareness of the detrimental impact single-use plastic has on the environment, particularly in the hospitality industry. Instead of sending the contents to landfill, Clean Conscience offers an alternative, by repurposing, reusing and redistributing the contents and bottles themselves in ways that benefit the wider community tenfold.

The liquid contents are turned into CareKits, sent to those most in need of toiletries, such as women’s shelters and refugee camps. The hard soaps are sent abroad to allow people overseas to generate an income. The plastic lids, bottles, tubes and caps are then incinerated, and the energy is returned back to the grid. With over 14 tonnes of the same polymer required to recycle efficiently, incinerating the contents offers a financial and economically sustainable alternative to recycling or going to landfill. Clean Conscience also creates volunteering opportunities for individuals with a variety of special education needs and disabilities.

HOW THE SCHEME reduces plastic pollution

Collect any part-used and/or empty bottles and tubes of toiletries or hard soap bought from Noble Isle, and put them into a box lined with a plastic bag

Once the box is a minimum of 15kg in weight, post back to Clean Conscience in Surrey. If you are a hotel based in London then please call Clean Conscience first who may be able to collect

The box is delivered to Clean Conscience and any liquid or part-used soap is reprocessed and put to great use. Empty bottles and tubes are then incinerated and used to create energy. Although not a perfect solution; it keeps plastic out of landfill or the oceans, and the incineration at clean burning and efficient power stations provides a new source of energy. See cleanconscience.org.uk for more details regarding the incineration process.

You will need to pay a processing fee to Clean Conscience of £5.50 each time you send a box to Clean Conscience

If you follow the simple box guideline (this will be a link) when preparing the box, a credit of £10.00*(ex. VAT) will be put onto your Noble Isle account, to more than cover the processing fee

*The credit of £10.00 is per returned order and not per box

benefits to recycling luxury travel-sized toiletries

The scheme gives you, our customers, the opportunity to play your part in minimising the hospitality industry’s huge contribution to plastic pollution, while still offering your guests the products they enjoy. As an added benefit and reward for your involvement in the scheme, you will receive official framed certification of your membership which you can display in your business, as well as using the Clean Conscience logo on your website to promote your involvement with such a great cause.


If you are interested in joining the scheme, please contact our customer services team on 0800 157 7838 and they can discuss the scheme with you further


A one-off registration fee of £40 must be paid when joining the scheme

Toiletries returned through the scheme must have previously been purchased from Noble Isle

If the box guidelines are not followed in full, a credit will not be given for that parcel. A reason will be given by Clean Conscience to help you ensure you meet the criteria in the future

Credits will not in any circumstance be paid out in cash