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what's in a scent?

we are great believers

in the power of fragrance

truely unique, inspiring & induring fragrances

At Noble Isle, we are great believers in the power of fragrance to enhance mood, trigger memories and create a sense of place – which is why we work with a top ‘nose’, the industry term for a perfumer, to craft truly unique, inspiring and enduring fine fragrances for our bath and body collection.

Each Noble Isle fragrance has been carefully composed to take you on a journey, revealing layers of luxurious scent – these are called top notes, the heart and the base. The top notes form your first impression, often bright, citrus aromas; this then mellows to reveal the heart, perhaps a bouquet of floral notes; and the last scent you come to is the base, often the musky wood notes that stay with you the longest.

Britain in a Bottle

We have travelled the British Isles from tip to top – from temperate Cornish gardens to cool Scottish Highlands and over the sea to Irish beaches and cliffs – to source exceptional natural extracts for our high-performing products, building partnerships with like-minded producers along the way. Watch closely for the unveiling of our collection of British-origin natural extracts and talented sourcing partners in April 2012 – at Noble Isle, every bottle tells a story.

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