Heather Honey, Perthshire Bees

When most flowers begin to wither and wane, the hardy heather of the Scottish Highlands lives to die another day, spray-painting the hills in a pinky-purple haze in August. A rough diamond on the ruddy moors, the humble heather harbours great riches within its tiny bell-like flowers. The thistle might be the official flower of Scotland, but heather – Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘bonny bells’ – is the one it holds closest to its heart.

In late summer, Scottish beekeepers haul their hives of hardworking bees high up on to the wind-whipped slopes of Perthshire and Deeside. Heather is the only, lonely nectar-giving plant to survive at these altitudes, and therein lies its attraction for apiarists. Being a single-flower honey, heather honey is wild and distinct: dark, unctuous, almost smoky. Unusually replete with proteins, iron and antioxidants, and traditionally revered for its restorative powers, Scottish heather honey is a highly prized delicacy.

Britain in a Bottle Noble Isle sources finest-quality heather honey from Heather Hills Honey Farm in Perthshire, Scotland – specialists in mono-floral heather honey since 1945.

Products available: Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.


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