Tea Rose Chelsea Green, London

Today marks a very important day in the 2018 Noble Isle calendar, as it is the official launch of Tea Rose, Chelsea Green London. This charming and pure fragrance, is our first London collection and takes inspiration from the decadence that afternoon tea in the grand Art Deco London hotels holds.

Read our interview with Katy Simpson, Founder & Director of Noble Isle on her inspiration for this elegant collection and hear from Rosebie Morton, Founder of The Real Flower company – where the quintessentially British roses for this collection are sourced.

Firstly, let’s hear from Katy Simpson.

How did you come up with the idea for Tea Rose?

When I first started to work in London, one of my favourite past times was having a aperitives in the grand Art Deco Hotels in the West end – The Savoy, Claridge’s, The Berkeley. Occasionally, we would treat ourselves to afternoon tea for the “full works” of finger cut sandwiches, scones and clotted cream and a dainty cup of English breakfast tea served in a fine bone china tea cup. There was something so glamorous and elegant about these grand hotels and their stylish interior decoration that made you want to stay forever. These iconic London hotels have taken the ritual of afternoon tea and elevated it to the point of pure poetry and has been the inspiration behind the fragrance of Tea Rose.

Can you explain the fragrance and what it means to you?

The Tea Rose fragrance possesses a complex blend of ingredients which result in a pure and delicate aroma. Combining two opposite but complimentary main notes the fragrance is simply a delight for the senses.

It is a fine balance of fresh rose petals, jasmine and green leaves which is pure and delicate, but these fresh notes are then grounded, turned earthy, due to the black tea and sage scents, making Tea Rose complex and sophisticated.

Tea Rose incorporates black tea from London and Pure Poetry roses, sourced from The Real Flower Company. Just like all our collections, Tea Rose has been created as a fine fragrance with different layers known as top, heart and base notes. Due to their composition, each note will wear off with time, revealing the notes below them.

Top Notes: Bergamot and Green Leaves
Heart Notes: Black Tea, Rose and Jasmine
Base Notes: Clary Sage and Musk

For Tea Rose, these notes work together to create a floral, musky and sophisticated fragrance, reminiscent of the refined, lustre of the grand London hotels which housed many wonderful memories for me.

How did you find your partner for Tea Rose?

As for all our partners, I wanted to find a company which embodies the same core, values and synergy that we have at Noble Isle. I met Rosebie, from The Real Flower Company last year and she invited me to her beautiful farm in Hampshire. Seeing first-hand the rows beyond rows of cultivated roses, nestled in the rolling hills of Hampshire and listening to Rosebie with all her knowledge and passion, explain all the subtleties of hue and scent about the different breeds, I just knew that The Real Flower Company was the perfect partner for Noble Isle.

Will there be any extensions to the Tea Rose collection?

We have had so much positive feedback about this unique fragrance from team members, to friends, buyers and hoteliers, I knew the fragrance was going to touch people senses. Combined with a fascinating provenance story from The Real Flower Company and taking inspiration from iconic London hotels, the fragrance has broad appeal cross different product types. Therefore, in September we will launch a Bubble Bath & Shower Gel and Body Cream and also hotel amenities. We really hope you fall in love with our Tea Rose collection as much as we have.

Of course, we had to ask Rosebie Morton of The Real Flower Company about how she felt about her roses being used in our first London collection, Tea Rose.

What makes roses so special?

English roses sum up the best of a British garden, a good rose is in a class of its own with a perfume which captures all that is romantic and memorable.

How do you feel about your rose petals being used in Bath & Body products?

I am delighted that our petals are being used in Noble Isle’s Tea Rose collection as I know that Noble Isle will truly interpret the essence of a beautiful rose.

How did you go about finding the perfect rose for Tea Rose?

Roses are like wines in that each is so different – Pure Poetry just had that classic tea rose scent which I felt would be perfect for Noble Isle’s Tea Rose Collection.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy our new collection!

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