September 6, 2022

Bath & Body Collection, The Greenhouse, Behind the Scene Interview with The Founder

The Greenhouse, our new bath & body collection, has a very special place in our founder Katy Simpson’s heart. It’s a scent that she’s dreamed about for years – steeped in midsummer, it’s a warm, botanical fragrance that transports you to an English greenhouse, with notes of Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Bergamot, fresh hints of Mint and Melon and the emotive earthy scent of Tomato Leaf.

The kitchen gardens of Gravetye Manor in Sussex, provide the source of the natural extract of Sungold Tomato used in the Collection, with its nutrient-rich and skin calming properties. Gravetye Manor, in Sussex, is home to some of the most historically significant gardens in the British Isles.

Here, Katy shares her inspiration behind the new luxury bath & body collection.

The Greenhouse Inspiration

I have always loved the smell of Tomato Leaf. Many years ago, I had a lovely old stone house in Oxfordshire with a beautiful walled garden full of fruit trees, a vegetable patch and a greenhouse. I remember the first summer I was there, walking through the garden and picking up all the summer scents from the flowers, then opening the door to the greenhouse and the warm aroma of cucumbers and Tomato Leaf wafted out blending with the summer breeze. It was a magical moment and the aroma has been captured in my head forever.

The Fragrance

The concept has been in my mind for a decade and so I was very clear and concise on what I wanted this fragrance to deliver and the images I wanted it to evoke, so it came with relative ease – others are not always so easy. I work with a remarkable perfumer, who turns my ideas into fragrances and she absolutely embraced the idea and created an outstanding perfume.

The scent of The Greenhouse captures an English garden in the full bloom of summer. Imagine walking down a garden path, on each side the beds are full of flowers, the path leads to a greenhouse, all warm and damp from a day in full sun.  When the door of the greenhouse opens, the fresh, warm, green notes mix in the balmy air – I hope everyone is transported to their favourite moment last summer.

A special collaboration

I first discovered Gravetye Manor in the early days of Noble Isle, when we began to build partnerships with unique and exceptional hotels in beautiful settings across the UK. I was familiar with the excellent standards of the Relais and Chateaux group, and Gravetye Manor didn’t disappoint. When we first arrived at the hotel we were captivated by its stunning gardens which continuously evolve throughout the seasons.

We are passionate about sourcing and creating unique and beneficial local extracts from local suppliers throughout the British Isles. Gravetye Manor share our passion and work closely with local suppliers in Sussex and the very best of the season from their own exceptional kitchen gardens.

I’ve also visited Gravetye Manor for pleasure – their seasonal lunch menu was exquisite. True artistry on a plate, with decorative flowers for visual excitement, and mouth-watering fresh ingredients and flavours, all enjoyed in their newly renovated orangery.

Over the last eight years of working with Gravetye Manor, we have formed a wonderful longstanding relationship and we are so excited to share the launch of our new collaboration and Collection, The Greenhouse.

The Design

I have always loved the Cotwolds colour palette with the soft yellow stone of the houses and cottages, paired with a beige green for the window frames and doors. The combination is peaceful, tranquil and calming. When I was putting this collection together, it felt right to choose what I call “Cotswold Green”, as it tells the story of the walled gardens, cottage florals and greenhouse aromas which inspired the collection so beautifully. 

Click here to discover more about The Greenhouse luxury bath & body Collection and here to shop the range. To shop our range of sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan bath & body products click here.


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