March 4, 2013


You wouldn’t know it from the grey cold weather that we are experiencing, but British summer time is upon us. The clocks will move forward by one hour on the last Sunday of March, the days will stay lighter longer and the summer will begin to rise…. we hope anyway.

Even with the snow, when the green buds of spring are sadly delayed the hardy heather of the Scottish Highlands lives to die another day. Our Scottish beekeepers haul their hives of hardworking bees high up on to the wind-whipped slopes of Perthshire and Deeside. Heather is the only, lonely nectar-giving plant to survive at these altitudes, and therein lies its attraction for apiarists. Being a single-flower honey, heather honey is wild and distinct: dark, unctuous, almost smoky. Our Heather Honey Hand Wash and Hand Lotion are filled with natural antioxidants from this revered nectar. We source the finest-quality heather honey from Heather Hills Honey Farm in Perthshire, Scotland – specialists in mono-floral heather honey since 1945.

In this harsh weather the skin on your hands and your cuticles can become very dry so a daily dash of nourishing heather honey hand lotion will keep them protected and hydrated, not to mention smelling clean and bright with white blooms of jasmine, magnolia and neroli.


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