February 3, 2024

Valentine’s Day presents for him

This valentine’s day we want to help you on your quest to find the perfect alternative to chocolates, flowers and perfume. Finding the perfect valentine’s day gift can be likened to the quest of finding love itself. 

From an array of kitsch gifts to overpriced flowers, where can you pinpoint the perfect valentine’s day present for him that exudes charm, sophistication and has just the right amount of personality?

We are strong believers in the power of fragrance to trigger memories and bring you back to a person, place or moment in time.

Each of our fragrances has been created with Top, Heart and Base notes similar to those you find in a perfume or aftershave. They are designed for the modern sophisticate, to be worn as you would an aftershave, with a favourite scent quickly becoming a signature.

We’ve rounded up our perfect fragrances for those men who really do have everything.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Presents for Him

The Fireside Collection

The Fireside collection is a woody and spicy fragrance, with Cinnamon, Cypress Oil and Vanilla, creating the perfect ambience for a comforting, cosy night in. The sensual, spicy aroma of Fireside is available in a matching Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion as well as being blended into our Luxury Candles.

It’s the perfect fragrance for the man whose aftershave is one with woody and spicy notes. To remind him of weekends away and long afternoons by the fire, eating, drinking and playing games of scrabble.

The Lightning Oak Collection

The Lightning Oak Collection is an enduring, handsome fragrance balancing smoky wood aromas with modern notes of Vetiver, crushed Pink Pepper and Bergamot. The fragrance begins with the freshness of bitter citrus and fresh spices, then reveals the main note – Vetiver, which results in an elegant, distinguished, modern classic that intoxicates the senses.

It’s the ideal valentine’s day present for the man who enjoys the finer things in life, from days at the races, a track day at Goodwood to Italian leather belts and a glass of fine wine.

It also brings in a touch of nature for a full, rounded experience using sustainably sourced oak bark from the Forest of Dean. It’s a subtle yet intoxicating fragrance that will no doubt become a firm favourite.

The Whisky & Water Collection

The Whisky & Water collection is a handsome and dramatic fragrance, with notes of Cedarwood, Amber, Davana Blossom and Vanilla, evoking the aromatic warmth of a dram of Whisky by the fire.

One of our most popular fragrances due to its unusual name but completely delectable scent. It’s a signature scent of famous actors, footballers and even your partner. A rich, liquid gold redolent is sure to be the perfect valentine’s day present for him. You might even want it for yourself!

Why our Fine Fragrances make the perfect Valentine’s Day Present for Him

  • They are created with Top, Heart and Base Notes
  • They are created in the same way you would a perfume, aftershave or cologne
  • Each fine fragrance is created by a master perfumier from France
  • It’s a gift that will take them back to a special memory, place or moment in time that you shared together
  • Sophisticated and personal without being kitsch


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