Bathe By Candelight Gift Sets

Vegan, Sustainable, and Made in the UK

In the winter, a bath can relax, recharge and warm. The mindful moment of pouring a bath can start to help you relax even before you slip into the tub, a few moments to reconnect with yourself after a long day or busy week.

Soak away your stresses while listening to music, your favourite podcast, or even while reading a good book, truly allowing yourself the time to relax and release the daily stressors from your mind.

The right fragrance can help aid to uplift and enliven your mood, providing a more tranquil environment. Noble Isle’s Bath & Shower Gels can be used both in the bath and the shower, with powerful aromas blossoming in the warm water or under the spray. Choose a scent that provides peace and a feel-good moment to you. Go further and pair with a Luxury Scented Candle, taking the time to light the wick, enjoy the serenity and alone time.